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Silently Down "Sadness"

Silently Down "Sadness"

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 In 1992 six songs were self-released on cd by SILENTLY DOWN as the ‘Sad’ mini-album. Even despite ‘Sad’ gathering excellent feedback and reviews back in the day, the full album project that was planned with a French label had to be finally shelved. More than 20 years later we decided to give it a well-deserved second chance. We called it ‘SADNESS’ this time to mark a difference, as it’s so much more complete than its predecessor. Romantic synth / cold wave, touching but dancey, heavily electronic. Heartfelt, sometimes truly sad lyrics… a sign of those times. The influence of classic bands like Little Nemo, Opéra de Nuit and Invisible Limits is undeniable. A very well crafted album with a great production level.

Properly mastered for vinyl and presented in an exclusive vinyl run of 150 copies, housed in a heavy matte finish sleeve.

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