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She Past Away "Belirdi Gece"

She Past Away "Belirdi Gece"

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She Past Away is a dark-wave band from Turkey. The music features elements of 80's wave and post-punk, accompanied by retro drum machine beats and dark lyrics in Turkish sung in a unique style. The band was formed in 2006, released their first album "Belirdi Gece” which sold out of the first issue almost immediately.

“… a brilliant album, one of the best in the underground scene of this millennium; and it has serious reasons to be considered as a near- future classic" -This is Gothic Rock

-Cassette is a first print edition of 110 / Hand numbered

-10th anniversary limited edition of "Belirdi Gece". Black on black cover design and semi black semi clear vinyl are the main features of this celebratory edition. Hand-numbered 1010 copies Emboss + lacquer cover art. Semi black semi clear vinyl 2 page insert.

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