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QEK Junior "Ausverkauf"

QEK Junior "Ausverkauf"

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QEK Junior emerged “accidentally” in autumn 2005 when Dominic Daub left his band at the time and was looking for new forms of expression while writing his master's thesis. The first tracks that were created with an old sequencer and even older synths were posted online on Myspace. Nobody really expected that a concert request would come from England - not even Tobias, who has been the second head of QEK Junior since then. The pieces were summarized on a demo CDR entitled “Deutschstunde”. The subsequent concerts in Bradford and Leeds were followed by further gigs all over Germany and the release of “1/0”, “Yoshiwara”, “Atomic Consensus” and “Short and Painless” on a vinyl EP released by the Kernkrach label. After several compilation contributions, the first album “Ausverkauf” was released in 2009.

Available on Mint Green vinyl!

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