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Plastique Noir "Iskuros"

Plastique Noir "Iskuros"

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After a long hiatus since "24 Hours Awake" (released in 2015), Plastique Noir is back with its long-awaited fourth album: "Iskuros" (once again by Wave Records).

Transliterated from the Greek, ἰσχυρός ("brave", "strong") is a semi-conceptual proposal that claims for spotlights on this band which has been battling for its place under the sun (?) along fifteen years from the underground of the Brazilian indie scene. Unbreakable before the neo-totalitarianism, cognitive paralysis of the public opinion and the imminent collapse of civilization farce, Plastique Noir reminds its followers that it's still alive and more than ever. Meanwhile, "iskuros" is also a false cognate that suggests the idea of darkness, thus suggesting that, as a Brazilian post-punk trio, now they are back to the aesthetic environment from which it was born, bearing the spirit of those who recognize themselves once again at home.

"Iskuros" features ten tracks that display a mature and more comfortable band than in its last record, when it was looking for a new identity among the tough process of establishing its new formation. Now, with updated sound textures, painstaking production signed by Jean Rié (Fake Movie) and a succinct and yet fiercing tracklist, plus the tour experiences between Airton (voices and beats), Danyel (guitar) and Deivy (bass), Plastique Noir is finally able to explore new Brazilian, foreign and digital roads with renewed vigor, thus helping to disseminate and extend the frontiers of genuine Brazilian Gothic music.

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