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Panic Priest "PSYCHOGORIA"

Panic Priest "PSYCHOGORIA"

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If you’ve been following Panic Priest’s rapid rise in the modern dark scene, then you’re no doubt familiar with the phrase “death, sex, and doomed romance” - three themes that feature heavily throughout the Panic Priest canon.

With his third full-length album PSYCHOGORIA, Armondo certainly hasn’t forsaken those themes or the deep emotions they evoke, but he has added a sense of fun, and even a hint of camp, to the proceedings. Written during the height of the lockdown, it’s a record that longs for a return to the club, to dancing and physical connection, to friends and ‘80s goth nights - an embodiment of everything Armondo himself was craving while isolated from the world at large for the better part of two years.

After the success of 2020’s Second Seduction, Armondo could’ve played it safe and turned in a follow up that felt like an extension of his breakout sophomore album. But PSYCHOGORIA feels different. Sure, Panic Priest’s signature sound is alive and well on this latest effort, but PSYCHOGORIA sees Panic Priest pushing himself in new directions, drawing heavily on his love of new wave and horror movies.

In fact, the album could have easily been the rock soundtrack to an ‘80s horror flick. Because underneath the coat of darkwave, post-punk polish and throbbing electronic beats, there lies an ‘80s rock record meant for the biggest stage, with massively catchy hooks and melodic choruses everywhere you look - all tied together with Armondo’s crooning baritone, making it uniquely Panic Priest. So, while he’s not taking himself too seriously this time around, that doesn’t mean you should do the same. Panic Priest is on the cusp of something special and PSYCHOGORIA is just the beginning…
  • Bay of Blood Edition. Pressed on opaque red 180 gram vinyl. Includes OBI strip and insert with lyrics and liner notes. Limited edition.
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