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Lebanon Hanover "Let Them Be Alien"

Lebanon Hanover "Let Them Be Alien"

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Lebanon Hanover’s fifth studio album Let Them Be Alien, is a celebration of the outcast and true romantics in this cold modern age. Is there life on Mars, or do we find the pretty things clad in black with a smile on their face, embracing the strangeness that separates them from the digitally connected masses?

Let Them Be Alien poses these questions by revisiting the themes of the first two Lebanon Hanover records. But now the music progresses through a world-weary and witty lens, with refined songcraft and lyrics of both the utmost sincerity and with tongue planted firming in cheek, where wry smiles blossom like sakura in spring.

But here, the world is far less cold, where many fires flicker in unison in the dark, lighting up the sky like earthbound fallen stars, led by the refined musicianship of William Maybelline and Larissa Iceglass.

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