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Japan Suicide "Santa Sangre"

Japan Suicide "Santa Sangre"

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"We have finally produced our new album 'Santa Sangre', which was inspired by Alejandro Jodorowsky's movie and Roberto Bolaño's novel '2666', all the while moving from echoes of British post-punk to a sound replete with more psychedelic and shoegaze textures," says Stefano Bellerba. "This is a delicate, but necessary step for us: we tried to match the quality of our previous album 'We Die in Such a Place', while also adding new sounds from our past work in order to achieve a condensed powerful opera and, at the same time, a sound that is capable of achieving different listening levels." This album follows up the 2017 single 'This Be The Verse', released on the Dark Italia compilation 'Sparkles in the Dark vol 4', alongside The Soft Moon and many other cutting edge artists.

"This five-piece band tweaks every post-punk sensor known to humankind, and help prove anew that Italy's hotter in the post-punk arts right now than just about anywhere" – Stereo Embers Magazine "

 "The flanger and chorus-laden guitars and swelling synthesizers that fill the sound gaps with warm and moody pads resemble The Cure’s early period.. Fans of Lush should also take a careful listen" – Post-Punk Magazine

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