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Farblos "Nothing Left For Us To See"

Farblos "Nothing Left For Us To See"

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Well, here it is. The first professionally recorded album by Farblos entitled ‘Nothing left for us to see’. Ten perfect songs, five of them already released in their demo state but  the new recordings flow so smooth, they work so incredibly good as a whole… It’s just a perfect album.

"These recordings are the reflection of F. Karnstein’s love for the 80’s and early 90’s new wave / goth scenes. Heavy use of synthesizers and bass guitar are his trade mark. Romantic, melodic, atmospheric tunes to dance and think to”. Take all of it and give it a much higher level of production, making the listening of the already known tracks a completely new experience and presenting the powerful new songs in the best possible form.  An album that will become a favourite of many!

‘Nothing left for us to see’ is presented in a short vinyl run of 200 copies, housed in a heavy matte finish sleeve with printed inner sleeve.

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