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Elvis de Sade "World For Us"

Elvis de Sade "World For Us"

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The first full length album "World For Us" from German band, Elvis de Sade!

What happened to the feeling of upheaval and in the 90s, which found its musical expression in the infamous Eurodance hymns? Why do we dance and party in times of climate change, pandemic, and apocalyptic feelings? Can we still talk about “partying”? Elvis de Sade asks these questions and answers them with their mixture of dark wave, industrial, pop and dance in their debut album “World for Us” in which reminiscences of Eurodance are joined by elements of blues, soul, folk, and even rap.

Andreas Rentz, arranger and composer of Elvis de Sade, says about the new album: “The title ‘World for Us’ describes a world that we need to reconquer. Everyone notices that the overall mood is bad. Social injustice, climate change, the rightward shift… It's not surprising that depressive music, escapism and an aestheticization of horror dominate. Unlike other dark wave bands, we don’t want to just sink in melancholy and disenchantment. We’re going one step forward and want to create a world for ourselves, where we feel comfortable, where we want to live.” 

Limited to 200 copies pressed on black vinyl!

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