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Deathtrippers "Passion & Fire"

Deathtrippers "Passion & Fire"

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Leeds-based band Deathtrippers have released their latest 2022 album, “Passion & Fire”, in a limited edition offering of 250 copies on black vinyl.

This record follows their 2017 debut EP “Unity of Light” and their 2018 single “Disintegrate / Hand In Hand”. The group, which emerged in 2015, is led by Sasha Raoul and has experienced several lineup changes since the start. The current formation includes Sasha on vocals and instruments, Rick on guitar, and Oli on bass and drum machine.

“Passion & Fire” is a collection of new tracks in a classic UK-style goth rock which is not really a surprise as they hail from Leeds, a city renowned for its gothic music scene in the 80s with bands like The March Violets, The Three Johns, Salvation, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, and The Sisters of Mercy. Deathtrippers continue this tradition while blending it with guitar wave influences from bands like Lowlife and Sad Lovers & Giants.

The band has been working on the new material throughout 2021 and recorded the material with legendary producer Choque Hussain. Choque Hussain, a British music producer and sound engineer, has worked with numerous alternative / gothic bands in the past including Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, The Mission, and Claytown Troupe, among others.

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