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Artificial Monuments "Illusions of Identity"

Artificial Monuments "Illusions of Identity"

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ARTIFICIAL MONUMENTS was an all-star supergroup, as simple as that. And ILLUSIONS OF IDENTITY is an awesome minimal synth pop album. Being crafted with the help of so many skillful people, nothing but a masterpiece could come out of this project. Original members Patrick Ringsborg (Moth, Chainsaw Eaters, Little Boy Lost, Echo People et al.) Johannah Jørgensen (Metro Cult) and Kim Wolf Andersen (Moth, Chainsaw Eaters et al.) with the collaboration of Sally Dige, Zosia Hołubowska (Mala Herba, Prison, Hände), Ina Noire & Lisa Løebekken (Techne), Sofie Jacobi, Cecilia Wörlén (Prison) and Christoffer Bagge (Totem) spilled their talents into the melting pot to create this album.

Limited, hand numbered, transparent blue vinyl edition of 265 copies, housed in a matte finish sleeve with printed inner sleeve (lyrics and credits).

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