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Moth "20 Songs"

Moth "20 Songs"

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Limited edition run of 500 copies on CD! MOTH was a short-lived darkwave/post punk band out of Copenhagen, Denmark - active from 2012-2016. Originally formed as a duo consisting of Ellisiv and Patrick, armed with a 4-track tape recorder, a drum machine, a bass and a synth in 2011, the last two members- Rune and Kim - joined in early 2012 to take over bass and guitar duties respectively, and the sound quickly changed from somewhat simple darkwave to a more DIY punk take on cold- and new wave. After only a few months as a full-fledged band, they self released the first two singles in 2012, but from then on grew to go through anarcho-punk goth rock label Mass Media Records. This CD is a comprehensive compilation compiled of most of the bands material + two previously unreleased tracks, the very last material left unreleased. 

Limited edition run of 500 copies on CD! 

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