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Code Six "Teias Anestesicas"

Code Six "Teias Anestesicas"

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CODE SIX, is the new project of the musician Alessandro Farias, ex "Dead pop".
In his new musical work, Alessandro brings a bigger and more mature musical presence. It can be said then that Dead Pop was a good school, that even with few resources in the time in which it remained active left a legacy for Brazilian darkwave / gothic music

The music of a mosque and a poem of the world with a good vibe, with hypnotizing rifs and well placed arrangements and of extreme good taste and deep, and poetic letters. In the studio everything is due to the restless mind of Alessandro, who composes all lyrics, melodies, riffs and arrangements of the band, being the only musician in the recordings, for live performance he counts with other invited musicians.

For their debut album, the band comes with very post-punk style flirting with wave and 80´s gothic. Lyrics of all songs in Portuguese just the track Lágrimas has a double language French and Portuguese.

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