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Cinemascope "A Crack on the Wall"

Cinemascope "A Crack on the Wall"

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There have been eight years since Cinemascope released their debut album (stains of love / wave records). Eight years that brought a lots of personal changes, new experiences and a pandemic that besides all the tragedy that brings, it offered the band some time to slow down for a while and give shape to the eight new songs of the brand new album “a crack on the wall”. Songs overflowing with melancholy, betrayal, and self disappointment. But, this is not all about doom and gloom, since there is a strong urge to find this crack on the wall that might leave a slight ray of light coming in.

Cinemascope is Leo Skiadas, who composes the songs, writes and vocalize the lyrics, and plays the instruments. But, If you feel that “A crack on the wall” has a more impressive guitar sound than Cinemascope’s previous works, thats because this time, the guitars are performed by the great Johnny Papaioannou, one of the greatest alternative musicians in Greece. That’s the first time that someone “intrudes” on the cinemascope moniker and one of the best decisions that the band ever made.

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